This page is a list of pages on this site that I try to maintain. They may or may not be useful for you.


  • noogzblog.personal - My personal blog, for things to do with me, and not Web Logging.
  • Programming Comps

  • SEARCC 2004 Photos
  • SEARCC 2005:
  • Friends

  • Richard Taylor's 18th Party - A collection of photos from Munt's 18th, held at the Croatian Club in Glenorchy.
  • t b a - An aggregation of all of my friends' and friends' friends' blogs.
  • The Justs' Bonfire 2006 - Bonfire at Jeremy/Aaron Just's place in Roches Beach.
  • Other Stuff

  • Whitlams Concert - A colleciton of photos from a Whitlams Concert in Latrobe, Tasmania that I went to, on March 13 2006.