Recent Tracks

The following are my 10 most recently-listened-to tracks according to my profile.

Weekly Charts

The following is a list of my most popular tracks for the week ending last Sunday.

PositionTrackPlay count
1The Final Countdown by Europe 3
2Sheep Go To Heaven by Cake 3
3Try by virt 3
4Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac 2
5Torn by Natalie Imbruglia 2
6Shout by Tears for Fears 2
7Another Saturday Night by Cat Stevens 2
8Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac 2
9Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac 2
10Coming Back by Gotye 2
11TheHollowEarth by Thom Yorke 2
12Dance of the Zinger (Flight of the Zinger) by virt 2
13Unto Caesar by Dirty Projectors 2
14Dear Miss Lonelyhearts by Cold War Kids 2
15Look Of Love by The Jezabels 2
16Lived It by Girl Talk & Freeway 2
17Get Away by CHVRCHES 2
18Sulk by Radiohead 1
19No Surprises by Radiohead 1
20Electioneering by Radiohead 1
21Exit Music (for a Film) by Radiohead 1
22Let Down by Radiohead 1
23Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead 1
24Need You Tonight by INXS 1
25The Chain by Fleetwood Mac 1
26Feeling Good by Muse 1
27Affirmation by Savage Garden 1
28Crocodile Rock by Elton John 1
29I Will Survive by Cake 1
30Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes by Paul Simon 1
31Karma by 1200 Techniques 1
32Never Gonna Give You Up by Cake 1
33Dreams by Fleetwood Mac 1
34Mean To Me by Crowded House 1
35You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker 1
36Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box by Radiohead 1
37Gumboots by Paul Simon 1
38Oh Daddy by Fleetwood Mac 1
39Here I Stand and Face the Rain by a-ha 1
40Train of Thought by a-ha 1
41Green by Alex Lloyd 1
42Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac 1
43Taste Of Honey by Herb Alpert 1
44I Don't Want to Know by Fleetwood Mac 1
45Wandering by Ben Folds 1
46Such Great Heights by The Postal Service 1
47Choke by Cauterize 1
48Float On by Modest Mouse 1
49Charlie No. 1 by The Whitlams 1
50On Her Majesty's Secret Service by John Barry 1
51Take Your Mama Out by Scissor Sisters 1
52Gough by The Whitlams 1
53From the Sea by Eskimo Joe 1
54Something by Shirley Bassey 1
55Business Time by Flight of the Conchords 1
56The Sun Always Shines On Tv (Extended Mix) by a-ha 1
57The Game by Regurgitator 1
58Ta douleur by Camille 1
59Fall At Your Feet by Clare Bowditch 1
60A Distinctive Sound by Gotye 1
61Grace Kelly by Mika 1
62Obese Lowlifes [Ft. Mystro & Braintax] by Hilltop Hoods 1
63Black Swan by Thom Yorke 1
64Stuck in the Middle by Mika 1
65Read My Mind by The Killers 1
66Choppastyle by virt 1
67Train Of Thought (US Mix) by a-ha 1
68War Pigs by Cake 1
69Rock Star ("Posers" Mix) by N*E*R*D 1
70Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night by Kisschasy 1
71Clown Prince Restrung by Hilltop Hoods 1
72Conversations From A Speakeasy Restrung by Hilltop Hoods 1
73Obese Lowlifes Restrung by Hilltop Hoods 1
74Amazing (Live At The Panel) by Alex Lloyd 1
75All You've Got (feat. Ru C.L., Hau + Yungun by Katalyst 1
76Sleepyhead by Passion Pit 1
77Bitch Went Nuts by Ben Folds 1
78Jimmy Recard by Drapht 1
79Wallflowers by MC Frontalot 1
80Dog Days Are Over by Florence + the Machine 1
81Spring - II - Largo by Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields 1
82Winter - I - Allegro Non Molto by Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields 1
83I'm On A Boat by The Lonely Island 1
84Down River by The Temper Trap 1
85Love Lost by The Temper Trap 1
86Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) by Florence + the Machine 1
87Drumming Song by Florence + the Machine 1
88Don't Stop Believin' by Rock Of Ages Full Company 1
89Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Wesley Taylor, Lauren Molina, Paul Schoeffler & Ensemble 1
90Harden My Heart / Shadows of the Night by Amy Spanger, Michael Mais, Mitchell Jarvis & Ensemble 1
91Violent Dream by The Jezabels 1
92Beneath the Canopy (Forest Interlude) by Fishy 1
93Swamp Gases (Bayou Boogie) by Another Soundscape 1
94Backwards Room (Run, Rambi! Run!) by zykO 1
95Old School (School House Harmony) by Nutritious 1
96Pickin' Out the Fleas (Swanky's Swing) by Sixto Sounds 1
97A Halo by Mighty Mike 1
98Put It On Wax by Ozi Batla 1
99Dark Storm by The Jezabels 1
100Take On Me (Original 7" Version 1984) by a-ha 1
101Mace Spray by The Jezabels 1
102Inner Heart Beat (Feat. Joe New) by Dialectrix 1
103Mine Is Yours by Cold War Kids 1
104Steady Shock by Girl Talk 1
105Make Me Wanna by Girl Talk 1
106This Is the Remix by Girl Talk 1
107Farewell (in 3 parts) by Husky 1
108Contact by Daft Punk 1
109Tubthumping by They Might Be Giants 1
110Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye 1
111I Feel Better by Gotye 1
112Giving Me a Chance by Gotye 1
113Bronte by Gotye 1
114Endless Summer by The Jezabels 1
115Nobody Nowhere by The Jezabels 1
116Horsehead by The Jezabels 1
117Reprise by The Jezabels 1
118Catch Me by The Jezabels 1
119Trycolour by The Jezabels 1
120Don't Be Proud by Tim Freedman 1
121Offspring Are Blank by Dirty Projectors 1
122Gun Has No Trigger by Dirty Projectors 1
123Impregnable Question by Dirty Projectors 1
124Euphoria [Sweden] by Loreen 1
125Do It Anyway by Ben Folds Five 1
126The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES 1
127We Sink by CHVRCHES 1
128Lost That Easy by Cold War Kids 1
129Loner Phase by Cold War Kids 1
130Call Me A Hole by pomDeter 1
131Beyond by Daft Punk 1
132Giorgio by Moroder by Daft Punk 1
133Lose Yourself to Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk 1
134Strong Hand by CHVRCHES 1
135Under the Tide by CHVRCHES 1
136By the Throat by CHVRCHES 1
137The Mother We Share (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix) by CHVRCHES 1
138He Was Really Sayin' Anarchy (Sex Pistols vs. The Velvettes) by Chocomang 1
139Can't Hold Roboto (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton vs. Bob Marley vs. Elton John vs. Ludacris vs. The Doors vs. Styx vs. Pink) by Mashup-Germany vs. Lobsterdust vs. MashMike 1
140Royal Losers (Lorde vs. Beck vs. Lil Jon) by DJ Tripp 1
141The Next Episode In The Thrift Shop (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz vs. Dr. Dre & Rasmus Hedegaard) by Abader000 1
142I Can't Take It by Dillon Francis 1
143Tolerated (feat. Waka Flocka Flame) by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
144I Can Hear Sweat (feat. Jadakiss) by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
145Broken Ankles Intro by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
146Tell Me Yeah (feat. Young Chris) by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
147Suicide by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
148Live at Coachella 2014 by Girl Talk 1
149Crocodile Chop (System Of A Down vs. Elton John) by Neil Cicierega 1
150Suicide (Remix) Ft. ASAP Ferg by Girl Talk & Freeway 1
151My Own Eyes by "Weird Al" Yankovic 1
152Dead Air by CHVRCHES 1