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The current version is 0.1.0. You may download it here

About libSLAP

The following is shamelessly lifted from the readme:

libSLAP - The Sudoku-like Array Problems Library
(c)2006 - Chris Neugebauer -

1) What is libSLAP?
2) How can I use libSLAP?
3) License Terms

1) libSLAP is a Java Class, with a collection of driver programs, that can solve problems involving a Sudoku-like array - that is, you must fit n symbols into n rows, columns and regions, without having one of those symbols being repeated in one of those rows, columns or regions.

libSLAP extends the simple 9x9x9 Sudoku concept by allowing for the size of n to be anything you like, and it also supports complex region maps, to allow for n-ominio- regioned puzzles to be solved.

libSLAP Comes with a class that deals with the SLAPs, as well as a driver for standard Sudokus, as well as a driver for complex puzzles.

I currently rate it at solving medium-level puzzles very quickly. There are still one or two pieces of logic that need to be written in before all SLAPs can be solved.

2) libSLAP can be built on any system with a Java SDK. I tested on the GNU SDK, which is compatable with Sun's 1.4.2 version. There is currently no GUI, but I will accept any contributions :). will solve standard sudokus, indexed from 1-9. will solve any SLAP of size n, but is indexed from 0 - (n-1) - NOTE THE DIFFERENCE.

3) libSLAP is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 or more. Please read COPYING, which came with this distribution for more information.