NCSSWiki is a small, lightweight Wiki System that I developed at the 2006 ACS National Computer Science School (NCSS - hence the name), and decided to clean up in November of that year. It does one thing very well, and everything else poorly. It is good if you need a Wiki, but do not need all of the features and bloat of large-scale Wiki Systems such as MediaWiki.

It is written in Python and uses the Berkely Database system as its storage back-end.


  • Simple Wiki, which is good for simple purposes
  • Customisable, Extensible template engine allows you to alter the design as you see fit
  • Does not require SQL Database Server
  • Requirements

  • A web server that can run CGI scripts, with:
  • License

    NCSSWiki is released under the terms of the GNU GPL, Version 2, or at your option, any later version. A copy is available here, if you should require it.


    2.0 beta release 2. May eventually get updated.