AFGCD* is a server-side PHP script designed for processing Google Calendar's RSS Feeds, and making a pretty agenda page out of them. You may download it from here. Note that I will not make release versions, instead, the DL script simply pulls down the current production version used to make my calendar (which you can view here); a good guide to whether or not the version linked to is stable or not would be to check if my calendar page is actually working.

* Yes, the name of this program WAS made to be the most obtuse acronym I could think of. I pronounce it "af-gicked"


  • Web server with PHP4 installed
  • The Magpie RSS parser (for actually parsing the Google Calendar RSS feed.)
  • A Google Calendar
  • License

    AFGCD is released under the terms of the GNU GPL, Version 2, or at your option, any later version. A copy is available here, if you should require it.


    Latest Source Snapshot. At least 2006-11-14.